Hank's Eighteen Sound
Manta-Ray horn  System_309 

Hank  built this amazing  gob stopping   

Active Amplified 4way  Manta-Ray horn  Speaker System using 18 Sound  JBL and RAAL  Ribbon  


High SPL High Definition 2 channel Music  and Home Theatre  System  3-2009

Driver Features :

(21'')    21NLW9600    Extended LF Neodymium Driver

(15'')    15LW1401      Extended LF Ferrite Driver  Driver

(12'')    12MB1000       High Output MB Ferrite Driver

( 2" )     JBL 2426       Compression driver mounted in Altec Lansing  411 horn

( 6" )    140-15D RAAL Ribbon  Mid High Super high definition Audio pure ribbon tweeter  


Bryston  SST2  Stereo Power Amplifier

4 way Active  Electronic Crossover  

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