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Why Dayton Audio?

Why Dayton Audio?

Our family of products combines real-world design with high-tech manufacturing techniques. There is always a demand for well-made, common sense components and accessories! Dayton Audio meets that demand, and exceeds your expectations.

Where to buy Dayton Audio products

Loudspeaker Drivers

Dayton Audio has been designing, building and supplying loudspeaker drivers for over 10 years.

OmniMic V2 Precision Measurement System

A must-have omnidirectional acoustic measurement system.

Audio Amplifiers

Dayton Audio provides freestanding high-power amplifiers designed for the DIYer, installer and systems integrator.

          Dayton Audio      •      705 Pleasant Valley Dr.   Springboro, OH 45066      •      (937) 743-8248      •

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