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Flying Mole DAD-100  Pro Power Amplifier
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The Flying Mole DAD-M100pro is a rare breakthrough design in the world of audio. Flying Mole's engineers set out to out to exceed previous expectations for price vs. performance, as well as for size, weight and efficiency. However, what they came up with shatters all previous expectations. The DAD-M100pro is an especially compact and light monoblock amplifier. Its looks are unassuming; it is a tiny black box that is about the size of a paperback novel, and it weighs barely over a pound. It uses about the same amount of power when idling as your average night light does, and needs no ventilation since it runs cool to the touch. While its looks will not scream for your attention, its performance will grab you by the collar and shake, rattle and roll you! A full 100 watts of power into 8 ohms comes out of that unassuming black box-all day long, without breaking a sweat. And the sound quality it produces is simply amazing for its budget price. It does subtlety like no amp should under 5,000. It does bass like an amp weighing 100 times its weight. It has that elusive lifelike reproduction that is so rarely found in amplifiers at any price. Unlike most other digital amps, the DAD-M100pro has a legitimate 100 watt output, so it is the ideal match for most speakers found in today's market.



  • Rated Output: 160-watts / 4 ohm,100-watts / 8 ohm
  • Total Conversion Rate of 85% decreases heat generation extremely.
  • Super compact & Super-light weight: 650g (1.4lb)
  • Sealed Case Design and Anti Dust Construction.
  • High Sound Quality Circuit Design.
  • Conforms to all main market safety standards.
  • XLR (balanced) input + 4mm SP terminal binding posts
  • 1/3 of rated output power can be delivered continuously.
  • High Impedance Capability.
  • Ultra-low Power Consumption :
  • 30-watts only while delivering 1/8 of rated out put power. > 1/3 of other conventional units Harmonic current standards are not applicable.