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STONES    (QC)  Quality Control of Driver & Crossover Units                                               update   6th June 2010

Stones Loudspeaker Drivers & Crossovers are Quality Control checked mechanically for compliance cone alignments , electrical phase and wiring errors
before shipping so the speaker kit or driver works not good but excellent the first time  enabling the best sound quality for your sound system  

Loudspeaker  Drivers  are  swept with a sine wave  from 10Hz to 40Khz Using the  LMS ď Loudspeaker Analyser ď  for impedance, level,  voice coil aberrations (noise)
and  then  also phase pulse test ( to expose any phasing error).

Why phase pulse test (phasing error)

We have found from experience that some speakers or ribbons are shipped from the manufacturers with their voice coils or ribbon transformers wired out of phase.
Even though this is not common it does and will happen in manufacturing of speaker components. However during stones phase test this will be detected and rectified.

If the Woofer, tweeter or crossover is reversed phased this means you are listening to speakers with their sound stage, dynamic range and instrument details
compromised dramatically.

Unfortunately a lot of Speaker Kit manufacturers and supply outlets sell speakers that are
wired out of phase.  Unfortunately with out proper testing you may have no idea youíre your speakers, crossover or wiring is out of phase and are not receiving
 the very best sound from  " because we are assuming itís all wired correctly and its not  " !!     

Artisan Speaker Kits
 If the drivers are part of a STONES Artisan Speaker Kit then the Crossover unit & internal wiring plus speaker terminals are included in the
QC testing to ensure that you receive a quality speaker Kit. T
his ensures that when your components are installed they work and provided excellent sound quality the first time with out compromising the sound quality.

Artisan Speaker Kits are supplied in matched pairs with Left & Right Speaker, marked on the Drivers and Crossover units to enable good channel balance.


The Stones Artisan Speaker Kits level 3 upgrade   crossovers and drivers are hand tuned and listen to in an evaluation enclosure before shipment. 

# If the Loudspeaker Drivers do not pass QC testing then they are not sold


 # This Driver Quality Control and matching service is not to my knowledge carried out by any other Speaker Component or Speaker Kit outlets in Australia


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