STONES S200W-V2  SUBWOOFER AMPLIFIER   with Twin  LP  Audio/Video  Filter

 STONES    S200W-V2   200W   Subwoofer Amplifier                                   V2   2010       (V2_29-0611)                      with       TWIN   A-V   FILTER CURVES                                       

                                                                Installation and Operation   Instructions
                                                                                                             by   Russell    Storey



Thank   you for purchasing the 200 Watt Subwoofer Amplifier. Ideal for building subwoofer projects for audio and home theatre systems, this amp includes both high and low level inputs, phase switch, auto  on/off (activated by input signal), and a handy  control that adjusts the volume level and  special    ( Audio and Video )  switch selector that enables the  electronic twin low pass filters  to vary  the low pass cut off slope and frequency    . When  switch  to  Audio ( used for Music Bluray DVD  2 channel systems )   the sub amplifier goes flat to 5HZ .With the switch set to   Video position there is a  filter at  35 HZ  to reduce subwoofer cone  excursion  in the  0 to  17  Hz region but this in conjunction with the frequency control  still enables excellent Home theatre LFE effects and tight bass
 The amplifier sums the right and left stereo inputs to a mono output, so that only one amp is required per system.  It also features a 6dB high pass filter (125Hz, 8ohm) output for satellite speakers if need be .
The amp has thermal, overload and fuse protection for   years of reliable use.

Contact me by phone if you have any questions regarding set up or usage and I will be happy to assist

Kind Regards

Russell Storey                                                          ph  02 66 793059


STONES    S200W-V2   200W   Subwoofer Amplifier                                   V2   2010       (V2_18-0311)



POWER    and POWER SWITCH            (OFF / AUTO /ON/)   

 When the power switch is in the auto on position, the amplifier will automatically turn on when a signal is present.  Note: In auto on/off mode

Russell‘s   Tip 1       

A/ I recommend   leave the (OFF / AUTO /ON/) switch in the (ON) position and turn the subwoofer power   on and off at the wall outlet when not in use.           Don’t leave the subwoofer or equipment on then go out..  

 This prevents premature power on off   glitches   and wear and tear on the subwoofer unit  .

 B / Power   240 V to System   

If running on  240V  generator  or Solar power or using Grid  power   in rural areas  always disconnect the  mains power plugs  at the wall socket   or power outlet  when not using  the subwoofer  or  your Home Theatre  TV   sound system  .  This will prevent damage to the equipments from power brown outs voltage surges lightning and storm damage.   

VOLUME ( LEVEL)  CONTROL                          

Adjusts  the output level of the amplifier.  

Russell‘s   Tip 1:  VOLUME LEVEL       

###  Warning    ####   Don’t   set  the  volume  past (   ½ way  with the Level  Control  )   this amp is  a deceivingly  power full amplifier   and can and will damage some subwoofer drivers  . If you don’t have enough level  from the sub amp  it’s the HT amplifier  or integrated  amplifier line signal  level  out  is not high enough to drive the STONES    400 Watt Subwoofer Amplifier  set the levels in the HT Menu >>  see below .
 # For  best sound quality I recommend   run with the High level speaker inputs to the sub amplifier.
 See Instructions >    below   .

Russell‘s   Tip 2:  VOLUME (LEVEL)  LEVEL     ### Warning, Warning ##    

 With home theatre movies & sound effects  levels are  recorded all over the place on DVD & Blu ray it is  possible to blow up  a  subwoofer speaker If you have the volume or freq  set to high  on some movies ..... Or music BluRay DVD CD  


I recommend   leave the Volume Level   settings at 11 o'clock Level until you get the feel of the Subwoofer movies over a period of a few weeks.


Pre set your HT receiver  Menu  SUB level  Low compared to all the other channels LRC  to begin with .


If you have a DTS   and Dolby   LFE effects level setting in the HT  menu   set this to max.  Remember to turn the Subwoofer on in the  Speaker Settings ..  Some HT receivers  auto turn the SUB  off after powering  on  /  off 


If you go down to the other end of the house you will realise how loud the low frequencies are 





STONES    S200W-V2   200W   Subwoofer Amplifier                                   V2   2010       (V2_18-0311)                                                                  

FREQUENCY CONTROL                           TWIN   A-V   FILTER CURVES   


Continuously variable from 15Hz to 150Hz at 24 dB/Octave LF and 12db HF

 Russell‘s Tip 2:   

Set  the Frequency control   to  (50HZ)  9 0’clock   and leave it there always...
 Some types of music may need   ¼ of a turn more but always reset the control to    50HZ)  9 0’clock   after use  

  ## However based on my experience I recommend setting the Frequency Control to   (50HZ)   this will enable the best quality bass on any kind of    music and HT sound Effects.

Setting the Frequency Control    to   (50HZ) also reduces room modes (bass boom) in most room shapes and tighten the bass

Setting the Frequency Control   past 12 o’clock position   will  create  room modes (bass boom) in most room shapes and create  a honky hollow sound


PHASE SWITCH       Selectable between 0° and 180°. This will aid in subwoofer room placement.

Russell‘s Tip 3:  PHASE      

 The correct position will be the one that provides the most apparent loudest bass output level and provides fast tight bass.

Set   Phase switch   to   reverse   ( 180°)  Normal     

##   In the Home theater Receiver Menu  Turn  OFF    ( Centre and Rear Effect speakers )  and  set  up the Subwoofer     with front  left and right speakers     .. ONLY   

Then Play back a CD   or DVD   with a fast tight   bass guitar and switch the phase switch back and forth whilst listening to the music at your normal listening position

Get a friend to switch the phase switch for you whilst listening at your normal position (lounge chair)   or can sit on top of the subwoofer box and switch it yourself whilst looking at the Front speaker with grills off you will see the speaker cones in sync and the sound quality improve in one or the other phase switch position






















STONES    S200W-V2   200W   Subwoofer Amplifier                                   V2   2010       (V2_18-0311)



HUM & NOISE       ( Home theatre or 2 channel Amplifier)      

As we   have a mixture of  different  earth points around the house  via  TV  antennas , satellite dishes , Ausat , set top boxes   etc  and combine this  with  use of   2 pin ( no earth) and  3pin  (earth ) equipment in our systems  , some times  a low or high level 50 hz hum  comes out through the subwoofer or main  L&R  speakers .

Locating what is creating the  ( earth  loops  )  or hum  in your sound system  can be very time consuming  frustrating      expensive  and time consuming for expert technicians with a pathora of recommended techniques and gadgets   On my own  Home Theatre  Sound System  I hook up  All  my  equipment ( TV , Satellite, Home theatre  amplifier, DVD , Blu ray  CD player, computer  , etc   ( via   one   protected  multi  power outlet  board ) from a  single  240V power outlet socket   on the wall .
 Between  the 240V  wall socket  and the  protected  multi  power outlet  board .    I  insert in series   a    240V to 240V   250 Watt  Isolation Transformer   .Bingo this works .  Also another benefit  is  you only have one switch on the wall to turn off all the equipment  after use and if there is a bad  storm or lightning  about  you can quickly pull the plug out of the wall to protect all your equipments in one go.


SUBWOOFER                         (    Room location and Subwoofer height above floor      )

Russell‘s Tip 4:

Subwoofer  needs  to  be  450 mm  out from  the rear and adjacent  side walls  to enable tight bass .

 Always Keep the subwoofer away from the corner of a  room  , the corner of the room will increase the bass but   cause  poor  quality bass and bass  Boom (  LF  room modes)!!

 As , Experiment with  Sub  height above floor < forget the feet on the box  >>  try  sit sub box up  on top of 60 to  70 mm thick phone book , this will tighten the bass and reduce room modes and boom  dramatically  !!  Can make a DIY centre stand for the subwoofer   , inside cavity   fill it with lead and fit with   12mm rubber on the base?     









STONES    S200W-V2   200W   Subwoofer Amplifier                                   V2   2010       (V2_18-0311)










STONES    Recommended   HT  and  Subwoofer Room location                                     V2   2010







STONES    S200W-V2   200W   Subwoofer Amplifier                                   V2   2010       (V2_18-0311)






 These are line level RCA inputs.  Use to connect from the   Home Theatre (Sub out) RCA line out   OR pre-amplifier outputs.   

Russell ‘s  Tip  :   Use an RCA ( Y ) lead to connect both the Left and Right Channel  inputs  together  this gives a 6db level  boost to the  input of the subwoofer  amplifier .  Cable can be up to 5M long    





This line level RCA output provides a full range (20-20kHz) output and is used to connect “daisy chain” the line level signal to other amplifiers.

 Note: Line out is only active when a signal is present at the line-in input.











STONES    S200W-V2 Watt Subwoofer Amplifier   with Remote Control                                    V2   2010



High-level In:     Wiring Diagram Options  

 Speaker level input.  Input connects directly to receiver via speaker cables.

Russell‘s   Tip:    Use high level inputs to achieve the best bass transit and quality for music based systems

High-level Out:                       



Connect the black lead to the negative (-) terminal of the speaker.  Connect the red lead to the positive (+) terminal of the speaker.   

Russell ‘s  Tip  :    Solder speaker  leads to  Subwoofer  Speaker  as this enables most reliable connection  compared to  push on connectors which can vibrate loose with very low frequency inside the cabinet.

SUB   AMPLIFIER   SPEAKER LOAD   (2   4   or 8 ohm)

Russell‘s   Tip     :  Subwoofer Speaker Impedance   (DC or AC)

Some  Makes /Brands   of  subwoofer drivers ( specified at 4 Ohms Nominal  )    voice coil resistance can and does go   below  2ohms ( DC  or  AC )      especially  “ dual voice” coil types (OR ) when   2 x  subwoofer drivers are wired in parallel  .
The subwoofer driver   and configuration of wiring   above need a special amplifier that will drive 2 ohm loads.

# The STONES    400 Watt Subwoofer Amplifier    is designed to operate with 4 to 8 ohms Nominal speaker loads


STONES    S200W-V2  Subwoofer Amplifier   with Remote Control                                    V2   2010


SUBWOOFER AMPLIFIER    (   Cut-out Hole     and screw size)                      

 Russell‘s Tip:                        

Some amplifier modules vary in hole cut out size       

Measure amplifier sealing edge, example say its   17mm wide (subtract this from the outside Height &Depth)     to get the hole cut out size     . Cut a sample hole in a piece of scrap timber to test best fit. Before you cut the hole in the sub box and say Opphs!!!!!!!!!!  Wrong size

I recommend rebating sub enclosure with a router so the amplifier plate sits flush with the cabinet this provides a better look and seal.   .

Allen Screws   supplied with the amplifier require a 2mm pilot hole.

#User Option   Use of long chipboard   screws to secure the Amplifier to the subwoofer enclosure will minimize Air leaks around gasket    




Rated Power Output:                         200 Watts          


#   STONES    S200W-V2 Subwoofer Amplifier    #   is designed to operate with 4 to 8 ohms Nominal speaker loads


Signal to Noise Ratio:                          95  dB     

Amplifier Dimensions:                         250 x 250   mm      

Amplifier Cut-out:  #                            233 x 233   mm   

Weight:                                                   5.5 Kg Voltage:                                                  240 V ac  



                                                             ARTISAN R1000 SUBWOFER  & SUBWOOFER KIT