Fountek Ribbon Tweeter 3way Crossover  Jp3.0 Neo CD30

Designed  by 
Russell Storey 

Application:   High End 3 Way Speaker for Audio and Hometheatre speaker systems
Designers Notes:
The STONES Fountek Ribbon crossover schematic below can used as a general starting point for most  8ohm nominal  3 way high end  ribbon speaker systems.
The Ribbon Crossover is set around 93.5 db Spl average power level so changing the valve of R2 to  lower valves of 22 or 15 ohm with add further attenuation for level matching  lower sensitivity bass midrange speaker systems .To increase the ribbon level to around  95 db Spl average power level remove   R2 47ohm resistor. The tweeter phase ( polarity) may have to be reversed in some systems so  Its a matter of experiment with  polarity and component values to achieve your own personal sound quality and signature .
I recommend  the use of  quality components for this or any  ribbon crossover design . The sound quality and sound signature of the components  all interact with  each other and the crossover electronic design  to ultimately  determine the end  sound quality ,distortion ,dynamic range and low level detail.
I also recommend  the following brands and type of component  to be used in the tweeter crossover. WES NL  non inductive resistors , SCR MKP 400V capacitors ,Solen Air Core or XLA  Inductor ,QED Xtube 350 for Tweeter wiring QED Xtube 400 for Bass Mid wiring, Eichmann Copper Speaker Terminals