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     JJ Acoustics   are  recommended  by  Stones Sound Studio  for High end Audio AV products and are  resourced to provide professional audio and visual advice for your unique needs. We specialize first and foremost in the provision of professional audio advice and high end audio products and services.
    A Demo Room is now available by private appointment in Melbourne, Australia. We have the Marten Django XL speakers on demo, Modwright KWI 200 Integrated Amp, Accustic Arts Amp 1 - MK2, Accustic Arts Preamp 1 - MK3, Accustic Arts Premium Linke Mk2 Speaker Cable, Acoustic Solid One Turntable with Benz Micro Wood S Cartridge and various cables (Power, Interconnects, Speaker and HDMI cables) on display as with other equipment and accessories.


  3. Azurahorn -Le Cleac'h Acoustic Horn Loudspeakers   Azurahorn is best described as a long term audio project, funded by occasional horn sales.  I developed a method of making accurate moulds, without expensive tooling, in order to explore the Le Cléac’h expansion in a variety of different set ups.  I now have moulds to make a range of fiberglass horns, for Full Range Lowther type drivers, and for Compression Drivers.

Vintage Audio Exchange

David lee sells  new & exchanges vintage audio products for true high end performance . Shindo Laboratory  , turntable parts , Grace , Supex , Ortofon , Audio technica ,  turntable arms , cartridge ,  stylus gauges  etc

Bybee Technologies  Jack Bybee has now created a new generation of plug-in accessories and cables based on a breakthrough in quantum purification technology: a new kind of device incorporating carbon fiber and nanotechnology. These unique devices are known as the Bybee Slipstream Quantum Purifiers.

Optimizing connectivity between your components enables your audio or home theater system to reach its full performance potential. Why spend big dollars replacing your CD player or preamplifier-or the interconnect, speaker or power cables you have already invested in-when Jack Bybee's Slipstream signal purification "Instant Upgrades" can deliver a bigger performance improvement for less money?

Decibel Hi FI  Australia's premier site for vinyl record players, cleaners, accessories, upgrades, and services. Plus various speaker  kits and innovative products offering great value for money

Home Cabling Solutions  Based on the Gold Coast  Home Cabling Solutions offers a range of products and services. Established 2006 Home Cabling Solutions is committed to offering superior customer service and ensuring you get the best performance from our installations by using the best products and services available. Satellite Broadband sales and installations Home Theatre design & installation  Pay TV sales and installations Digital TV- Satellite & Terrestrial Home and commercial audio installations Wall mounting Plasma / LCD’sHome networking .  Contact  Simon on MB 0405 513 957 or alternatively send us an email.

Dr HiFi House Calls   Australia's premium High-End Hi-Fi dealer for quality valve and analogue audio systems since 1983. Furutech custom Interconnects & Power Cables made to order. Ortofon MM & MC Cartridges. Rega Turntables, Velodyne Subwoofers and Audio Research valve electronics.

Boochino Audio   Australian designed & built  high end copper RCA  plugs sockets balanced connectors speaker terminals, excellent build quality, finish and performance

Alex Minassian Car Audio  For serious car audio nuts! Alex Minassian is your man! in Australia

HUX Electronics Hux Electronics is located in Brisbane, Qld, Australia and is owned and operated by Warren Huck. Hux Electronics specializes in the repair, installation and some sales of professional audio equipment for broadcast, studio and stage

World Tube Audio Portal  [AT] Stefan Pickl's World Tube Audio Portal. A gigantic site with loads of links to all sorts of tube sites.

Sonic Impact Technologies Digital Tee Amp 5066 Stones Sound Studio Class T amp review and  recommended applications  modifications and cabling for stereo 2channel and multi-channel  home theatre

Sound Labs Group  Soundlabs Group is Australia's premier source for specialised audio parts, equipment, services and information. Together with the world's best brands and manufacturers, we will help you hear the music. Encompassing Do-It-Yourself, speakers & components, car audio, professional and home audio

Elliot Sound Products   Design Consultant manufacture Amplifiers pcbs & components  Kits, source for  amp and speaker information

Lenard Audio Design Consultant  Australian manufacture  of  High Quality high end  PA Speakers and Amplifiers  source for amp and speaker information

Eichmann Technologies High End  Bullet plugs speaker Cable pods  sockets speaker terminals

Merlin Audio Design  Australian  Design and manufacture of Hi End Audio Amplifiers & components

RZ audio  Supplier of loudspeaker drivers and components, Newcastle NSW Australia

Jiri'Hi FI  Member of Queensland Audio club and  excellent speaker builder  with a passion for quality speakers including his   project using  RAAL 140-15D ribbon tweeter and  6''  PHL Bass mid drivers    . See Jiri's project at    Raal JKN 01 Speakers Project 

Queensland Audio Club Queensland Audio Club is a non-profit and social organization for people who have a passion of Hi-Fi equipment and enjoy listening to music. QAC has no formal structure, and many friendships are made with the common interest of audio and music

The Audiophile Work Shop  Provide a range of  High End  and Custom made  Interconnect  speaker and Oyaide Electric  power  cables plus a range of  top shelf  audio acoustic isolators and equipment stands . 

Melbourne Audio Club Formed in March 1974, Melbourne Audio Club, Inc. is one of the oldest and largest audio clubs in the world. With a healthy and growing membership, it comprises people of all ages who reside generally in metropolitan Melbourne, but also in country Victoria, interstate and overseas, united in their interest in music appreciation, audio equipment and home theatre. The Club is guaranteed by its constitution to be independent of any form of commercial affiliation

Audiophile Society of NSW

Speaker Driver Manufacturer (list)

Harris Speaker Industry Links

AUSSIE accent music  Oz  music  and recording  concepts 

AUDIO Home Theater

WES Components Pty   SSS highly recommended  component supplies audio parts, equipment, services, A/V cables , resistors capacitors , transistors , Ics  

STAX Ear speakers

Loudandproud Bjorn Hederstrom Sweden Hi FI sales service of 1970's Amp Speaker, cassette decks turntables excellent information

Bob Stout LSDG   SSS recommended speaker reference

Stereophile  High end audio magazine

AudioVideoPhillia  Links to use full audio video  HT and valve projects

Blue Note Records

Valve Theory  Excellent site on the theory and operation of valves (tubes)

ART and Sculpture Robert Lovett Artist

Secrets of Home Theater

Impact coaching Jenny Morgan

Solar Energy
Solar panel  Manufacturer listing  
solar hot water
solar amplifiers
Solar cell news
solar cell news research and theories
solar cell design using photosynthesis
Solar cells

Victor Bivell www.ecoinvestor.com.au  focus on environmental investment - in businesses undertaking or commercializing environmentally positive activities including renewable energy, recycling and waste management, technology breakthroughs and enhancements, eco-design, eco-tourism, and other eco-positive products and services.
Shortus Solar Systems
(SSS) ,Peter Shortus specializes in  Solar panel system design ,supply  water bore pumps for rural and domestic applications rural ,pool  pumps, power optomizer,tracking arrays for photovoltaic panels and modules  
Solar Power  www.rfi.com.au  
Solar Pumps www.bwsolar.com.au



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