ARTISAN Ribbon Speakers  &  KIT's 

Super  High Definition  Speakers



Artisan R882             designed  by Russell Storey                                                                                                        

Artisan R882

NEW Artisan Loudspeakers    SHD - (Super High Definition)  Twin 8" Acoustically aligned ,  Floor Standing Ribbon Speaker Kits  using   RAAL 140-15D ribbon tweeters and the  Exclusive Peerless 8" Woofers. These Signature series Ribbon speaker Kits are a no holes barred  top shelf reference speaker , designed  by Russell Storey  "Exclusive to Stones Sound Studio only

Purchase Package:  ARTISAN  R882

SPEAKER KIT R882 (without cabinets) 
 DIY  Pro CAD plans & hand made custom built
crossovers & matched speakers  from Russell Storey 

Features : wide frequency range 28Hz to 45Khz , 96 db SPL @1m 1W 2.83V  Efficiency , Minimum 4.3 ohms impedance , Suitable for low powered single ended valve
( tube) Amplifier but will also handle amplifiers   300Watts , 3D imaging and sound stage with incredible dynamic range, fast tight deep bass, mids and top end detail with very low distortion and low level music retrieval