360   260  260c


 The Ribbon Speaker Performance


Here at Stones Sound Studio we have engineered  Super High Definition Ribbon Speakers to reproduce all analogue and digital stereo programs including CD, HD-DVD,SACD analogue turntables and multi channel A/V
home theatre sound systems

The 260 260c & 360 Ribbon Speakers provide excellent depth of field, holographic 3D sound staging,
fast tight bass midrange, crystal clear top end detail, extreme dynamic range with very low distortion
on any type of program material from low to high volume levels

The 260C centre channel speaker complements the 260 and 360 ribbon speakers for high-end
Home Theatre A/V systems. I recommend complementing the ribbon speakers with the high quality
R1000 12 subwoofer for very low frequency articulate bass for medium to large rooms

The 260 and 360 ribbon speakers have been designed to become a sound reference for both
home theatre and audio systems enabling listeners to hear finer instrument detail in analogue and
digital recordings
The low distortion, wide bandwidth and large dynamic range provided by this Ribbon Speaker series
enables listeners to appreciate the effects of any upgrades or changes made to their electronic equipment
cables ,components and program material providing many years of enjoyable listening.    

                Russell Storey