SHORTUS  SOLAR  SYSTEMS                    

SHORTUS SOLAR SYSTEMS  (Australia) is a new company that specializes in , Solar panel systems design ,supply and installation of  water
bore pumps or rural and domestic applications rural ,pool  pumps, power  optimizer tracking arrays for photovoltaic panels and modules .
Managing director Peter Shortus offers quality solar  installations  backup service and advise for commercial and domestic customers .
Shortus Solar Systems have over 28 years experience in the mineral and Seismic exploration Industry  in   WA, NSW, QLD  rural  Australia and over seas.
Peters experience is vast  with minerals and water drilling so  remote rural  property  water pump  installations  are catered for in all aspects.
Shortus Solar Systems   have  Stones Electronic Engineering Consultants on their  team to advise on any custom designs you may require

NEW  Agents for        4 Panel Solar Array and Water Pump Shortus vertical tracking design

  Lorentz water pumps     BW solar  pumps , panel trackers ,solar cells & accessories 
RFI Industries  solar panels and accessories , wireless communication equipment aerials

CONTACT :Email   SHORTUS SOLAR SYSTEMS                                                                       
P.O  Box 61
Milthorpe    2798
NSW , Australia

Peter Shortus     Ph 02 63663353     Mobile 0427913089

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