Elna ( Cerafine)

Capacitor  Electrolytic Capacitor

Voltage rating 100  VDC   
 Russell Storey
Capacitance 0.47 uF to 220 uF
Metallisation: 99.99% TinFoil         Tolerance :1%

#Mundorf Supreme Silver Oil Capacitor
#Munforf Supreme Mcap Capacitor
#Munforf  MOX resistor

#Mresist Supreme resist

#Solen Inductors
#Solen(SCR) Capacitor Tin Foil
#Elna Cerafine Elecrolytics 


ELNA Cerafine Electrolytic Capacitors


hese capacitors from ELNA provide true audio reproduction by the suppression of electrical noise caused by external vibration.  The ELNA Cerafine Series capacitors contain super fine ceramic particles which, through chemical reaction, improve the discharging speed between the anode and electrolyte.  The result is less sensitivity to externally generated noise due to vibration which ultimately results in less distortion and increased clarity.  Replace your existing power supply capacitors with these caps and notice the improvement.  We believe the ELNA Cerafines are as good as the Blackgates but are just a fraction of the price!


ELNA Cerafine Audio   100V  85 deg C

 24/12/07 Price in Australian Dollars

CODE Value Price  AUD $
CER.47 0.47uF 0.90
CER1 1uF 0.90
CER2.2 2.2uF 1.35
CER3.3 3.3uF 1.35
CER4.7 4.7uF 1.35
CER10 10uF 2.25
CER22 22uF 3.15
CER33 33uF 4.95
CER47 47uF 6.95
CER100 100uF 8.55
CER220 220uF 15.35