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 RAAL  "Dipole 140-15D" AM  ribbon driver                        

Frequency  response:        2kHz - 60 kHz
Sensitivity:                           93db/1W/1m      99db/1W/1m
Impedance:                         8ohm    /   4 ohm  
DImensions :                       242 x 194
RAAL Dipole 140  AM        Amorphorus  transformer  with Taps  


 $1640    AUD           PAIR             Factory Matched pair 
 RAAL_DIPOLE 140 AM  (8 + 4 ) ohm taps    Amorphous core transformers    
$1875.00    AUD             PAIR          Factory Matched pair     93db / 99 db SPL
       4  and 8 ohm taps    NEW    for  matching     Low  Medium  and High SPL speakers  
    Russell Storey


    raal_dipole_140-15d_freq+impulse   RAAL 70-10D RAAL Ribbon Tweeter 

RAAL 70-10D RAAL Ribbon Tweeter (with optional Amorphous Core)

Raal "Dipole 140-15D" Ribbon Driver
The 140-15D includes no deep slots or short horns--created by bulky magnets in the vicinity of the ribbon element--which increase air loading mass and compromise linearity.
The result is that acceleration and linearity are preserved.
Totally symmetrical front and back openings provide identical  response and dispersion patterns.
To adjust for different and independent dispersion patterns in the front and back of the driver, a speaker builder can use Raal's proprietary foam deflector pads.
In this fashion a speaker builder can add amazing depth in the stereo image, and allow for listening room adjustments.
For the first time, you don't need electronics to adjust front and back levels!

The RAAL Dipole is the thinnest dipole true ribbon on the market.

Ribbon material: Aluminum
Ribbon dimensions: 140 mm x 15mm x 0.005mm
Ribbon mass: 0.027g
Ribbon area: 21 cm sq
Gap induction: 0.5T
Freq. response: 2kHz - 60 kHz
Sensitivity: 93db/1W/1m   99db/1W/1m
Impedance: 8  / 4 ohm
Transformer Taps : 2
Transformer primary inductance: 2mH
Power handling @ 2.5K L-R 4th order: 150 W
See PDF for precise physical dimensions





True ribbon drivers  are well known by their ability of exceptionally fine rendering of the details in music material. They work in a different way than conventional dome or ring HF driver, relieved of all the excess baggage, so to speak, and they do their job better than anything else, regardless of the price tag. No domes, rings, suspensions, coil formers, glues, damping material, not even the lacquer insulation on the wire of the coil. No heavy plastic carrier foils, like in cheap quasi-ribbons. Only 0.004 mm (0.00016 in.) thick aluminum foil, immersed in strong magnetic field. It serves as all the moving parts mention above.

Tremendous acceleration of air is available with RAAL 70-10, more than 13000 G, and in less than 200 microseconds after, that air is stopped. That brutal controlling force combined with the smoothest response available and bandwidth of 100 kHz, can ensure you that the weak link in any system equipped with it, will not be the HF driver.

It will show the differences between the electronics or cables without any effort by the listener. The better the electronics chain before it, the better the sound will be. The sound? Well, some people still can’t believe what they can hear with it, for the fist time ever, in their well known music material. That comes as standard with, pretty much, all true ribbons, but the effortless recreation of real dynamics, and amazingly high SPL levels for a ribbon of that size, was not known before RAAL 70-10. It doesn’t get intimidated by the big amplifiers. If you have clean power, feed it to the little fellow, and you will be stunned by all the music you have, presented in another dimension of reality. If you don’t have power, and/or you don’t like it, then discover the abundance of detail and true colour of any instrument played in a brand new, engaging manner. Yes, the best quality of HF region, and real, breathing, micro and macro dynamics gives a totally new sense of what the musician(s) wanted to say. It will make you forget that the system is in front of you. The music will come to life.


For measurements, drawings, crossover and more, please download the PDF datasheet.



- Special FLATFOIL® pure Aluminium ribbon
- Special SYMMLEAD® low inductance signal path
- Special EQUAFIELD® NdFeB magnetic structure
- Special “non-wave-guide” INOX front plate
- Super-fast settling time
- Flat frequency response
- Low nonlinear distortion
- High signal power handling
- Highest reliability


- Ribbon material: aluminium
- Ribbon dimensions: ( 70 x 9.5 x 0.004 ) mm
- Ribbon mass: 0.0075 g
- Ribbon area: 6.65 cm sq.
- Gap induction ( mean value over gap width): 0.62 T
- Frequency response: 2 kHz ~ 100 kHz
- Sensitivity: 92 dB / 1 m / 2.83 V
- Impedance: 8 Ohm
- Program power handling: 150 W*
- *Recommended crossover: 4th order L-R @ 2800 Hz


This tweeter comes in two models: standard and with Amorphous Core.

Recently, we finished development of Amorphous C-cores transformer application in our ribbons. We are the first to use AMCC's in ribbons for absolutely uncompressed high power transient transfer and, at the same time, even further improving already the best low-level performance in the world today, by decreasing the width of hysteresis compared to HF ferrite cores. For direct coupled tube SE-ribbon, we successfully developed 175:1 ratio, -3dB at 120kHz Amorphous C-core transformers that can carry DC idle current of SET. Impedance conversion is about 30000:1, bringing the 0.1 Ohm ribbon up to 3kOhm, good for plate
loading of most triodes in HF


Audio professionals about RAAL products and services:

(Provided by the courtesy of the signers)


Alexander, your 140-15D is an amazing tweeter. It is the purest sounding tweeter I have ever heard. You just hear the music. Thank you for building such a wonderful loudspeaker. I have been building custom hi fi and P.A. speakers for over 35 years and I would have to say your tweeter is the most drastic step forward in sound reproduction improvements I have experienced. I am now redesigning my speakers to include your tweeter.

Peter Dix
PDS Pro Audio
Abbotsford, B.C., Canada


I have never experienced a tweeter with so consistent and smooth frequency response measured at 0.28, 1.2 and 2.2 meters. The next best measurement is Waterfall - the shortest decay time ever measured.
Thank you, Aleks, for completely engineered product and excellent workmanship.

Wally Malewicz
WAM Engineering

Hamel, MN, USA


Dear Aleksander, after years of designing and installing monitors and other equipment in state-of-the-art recording studios, your 140-15D true ribbon transducers will change the way I design Speakers. I just installed a system with the 140-15's in passive 2.5 way mid field monitors using 2 x Volt BM220.08’s. All I can say is WOW! Up until now I have only been able to use TAD or Scan Speak tweeters in studio installs. These ribbons share the better qualities of the best dynamic/horn systems with out the power compression or throat resonance. These things have NO coloration and are the most transparent drivers I have ever heard, plus none of the sizzle/distortion that folded ribbons and planar-magnetics are plagued with. I must say, I can not believe the clean SPL these things put out. They easily keep up with the Volts being driven full power with a 500 watt amp! Truly amazing!

Norman Druce
Norman Druce Audio
Owosso, MI, USA


Mr. Radisavljevic, just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for making a stellar product that seriously outperforms its dollar amount. I immediately noticed the stereo image improve. This is a stock comment for decent monitors as far as width is concerned, and I have had this experience before, but your ribbons improved the DEPTH of my stereo image! No small feat. I could hear things that I struggled to place or even hear in a dense mix in the past. They also revealed some problems as far as EQ and placement in my mixes. This is not a phenomenon I am unfamiliar with happening, but usually, weeks or months after I am finished with a record, listening on a friend’s stereo with the distance and perception time and venue provides. You make a product that not only sounds great but bends the space-time continuum! All this and I can listen to them all day with less ear fatigue. Should you find yourself in Detroit in the future, I owe you a beer.

Chris Koltay
High Bias Recordings LLC
Detroit. MI, USA


Hallo Aleksandar, we would like to thank you for making those excellent ribbon tweeters which help to take loudspeaker development to a new level.
We have to confirm that your creativeness in looking for improvements in ribbon design and your exceptional attention to detail as well in design as in manufacture do not only result in excellent measurement performance but also in an amazing sound quality.

Rainer Weber & Klaus Rottenwöhrer
RWA Akustik Systeme
Akustikbau Kaiser

Untergriesbach, Germany


Being a long time user of RAAL ribbons, I have always had considerable problems which are probably going to keep coming up in the future. It has been very difficult to find an adequate partner for them, be it mid-bass or mid units. More or less, only custom built loudspeakers can match these extremely demanding ribbons. With every new project, I face the same time consuming struggle. It often happens that, while listening to other systems without RAAL ribbons, I have to ask: “Excuse me, but are your tweeters working properly?” These ribbons are not capable of hiding or diminishing anything at all. You are able to hear the details from the recording that recording engineers certainly don’t want you to hear. Way to go, Alex! Keep revealing the truth to us in the future!

Nenad Napijalo
Founder, President
N.N. Acoustics Engineering
Belgrade, Serbia


Dear Mr. Radisavljevic, I would like to thank you for your outstanding service and exceptional ribbon drivers. After six years, developing our line of Studio Monitors, it is your expertise that allowed us to finally achieve our goals. Thank you for working so hard and for making such a difference. I look forward to many future projects.

Danny McKinney
Requisite Audio Engineering,
The Standel Amplifier Co.
Los Angeles, CA, USA


We have chosen to include the RAAL ribbon tweeters in our products , due to their excellent performances . Alexander Radisavljevic is the new "wonder boy" among ribbon tweeter designers and is to be compared to the other biggest "stars" like Dick Sequerra and Alain Benard , no if's , no but's.

Guglielmo Burger
Finaudio /
Aliante /
PataAcustica / CC... /
Caterham Acoustics
Revello, Italia


Having had the opportunity to test many ribbons over the years I find the line RAAL ribbons to be the best by far. The high level of engineering that has gone into these units is immediately heard. The detail and accuracy is truly amazing.

Todd Michael
Head Speaker Designer
Yorkville Sound
Toronto, Canada


Hello Aleksandar, I have gone through about $13000.00 worth of tweeters of all types in my quest over the last 3-1/2 years. I have never liked any ribbon that I have tried before. I have found them to be dynamically constrained despite what the magazine and the do-it-yourselfers post. I have also found them to be overly bright and body-less.
Well I can say that I am going to be using your 140-15D ribbon in my reference speaker design, your creation is simply fantastic and probably the best tweeter I have yet to hear. One of the major things I hated about ribbons was their delicacy, your ribbon does away with that issue. Congratulations on doing what seemingly no other manufacturer of ribbon tweeters has been able to do.

Donald Nance Jr.
Tangent Audio LLC
Atlanta, GA, USA


Dear Aleksandar, thank you for the excellent quality tweeter, thank you for the years and years of experience needed to produce such really great quality.

Majid Jafari
R&D Manager
JTS Pro Audio Group
Tehran, Iran