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Artisan R882  V2 Signature series        designed  by Russell Storey                                                                                                                               


 The Artisan  R882 V2 Floor-Standing  Speaker is fitted with   RAAL 140-15D ribbon tweeters and  super tuned  twin  Exclusive Peerless 8" Woofers blended in a acoustically off set MTM alignment , The crossover fFeatures high end components  from Mundorf Silver in oil Capacitors and resistors , silver copper internal wiring ,Eichmann  copper speaker terminals along  with Bybee  super conductor SE quantum purifiers . The  crossover unit is mounted in a chamber at the base of the cabinet  . The upper and lower woofers are
acoustically isolated in separate  rear twin  ported  chambers that are  lead line along with 3 layers of acoustic damping compounds . With the upper lower and crossover  chambers isolated . Ribbon tweeter  and woofers are   acoustically offset , phase aligned and dampened by  using  an  86mm thick front baffle with upper and lower woofer curved bevels
 Artisan Speaker Cabinets are hand made and  sculptured   by   Alan Briscoe  wood craftsman

The Artisan 882 Signature series   are  manufactured  by Russell Storey                                                                                                                                 
All components are hand selected  tuned  and  S.O.T ( select on test ) matched for the very  best sound using  extensive measurements and repeated  listening evaluation  to ensure 
you have mirror image  left and right speakers. This attention to detail and sound quality  enables  reliable and very  accurate detailed sound  reproduction with any  type of  amplifier ,music or  Home theatre equipments. These are a true Full range reference speaker and in most cases do not require a subwoofer  

R882 V2 Features : Full Range Speaker, Wide bandwidth  frequency range 28Hz to 45Khz , 95 db SPL @1m 1W 2.83V Efficiency Minimum 4.3 ohms impedance , Suitable for low powered single ended valve( tube) Amplifiers but will also handle solid state  amplifiers to 300Watts ,  excellent 3D imaging and sound stage with  unlimited  dynamic range,
fast tight deep bass, mids and top end  with very low distortion on any type of music .

Speaker Efficiency : 95 db SPL @1m    1W 2.83V @22 deg C 
Frequency Range :28Hz to 45Khz   flat from 30 Hz to 33Khz
Nominal Impedance :  6 ohms  (  absolute min 4.3 ohms AC )  
Phase Coherency : +/- 30degs   400 to 10Khz     
Dimensions :  ( HXWXD )   1400 x 245 x 492 (mm) 
Weight :70Kg each  ( lead lined )     

Price  R882  V2  : $18990.00     


Artisan R882  V1  Signature series        designed  by Russell Storey                 

Artisan R882 V1   Signature series       

The  Artisan R882  V1 Cabinets above were specially  hand built by  Georg Wolters to Artisan  Profession CAD plans supplied with Russell Storeys special hand treated  FFT analysed  extra low distortion  Peerless Exclusive 8"  speakers  SPL matched  with the Hi End Mundorf and  Super effect Bybee Quantum Purifier based  Crossovers by Stones Laboratory standard instruments followed by  extensive  listen and tuning of the components till the sound is excellent .  Russell's  Crossovers come fully finished with  internal copper litz  based wiring and copper Eichmann Speaker terminals that are on rear  crossover over access panel  . Crossover bass and tweeter sections are  mounted on separate boards in a in separate   chamber at the base of the Enclosure  with removable panel for access to the crossovers . The  Curves around the  top bottom and ribbon drivers are  hand carved by Georg  , the cabinets are made from imported Merbau timber that  grows in South-east Asia,  Front baffles are acoustically off set to provide 3D sound stage and holographic imaging on any kid of music or Home-theatre System   , cabinet sits on two isolation systems , constrained layer s of acoustic damping between bottom of speaker  base  plinth , then base plinth sits on four butyl rubber decoupling feet

Artisan R882   Speaker  Review 

 Georg Wolters   from Germany        

The resulting tower system  7 months in the making  is simply stunning.    other German  Friend    
a local  radio station DJ  plus  2 professional  SAE   Audio Engineering )  trained  sound   engineers, were amazed by the sound  we threw all kinds of music Hi end , low quality , Disc , Computer Music and the speakers revealed detail I have never hear before  . When I told  them how much
they cost me, they were amazed
The boys  thought of them as monitor speakers, what goes in goes out. The whole system has deep tight bass  and very clear all throughout even at very
high levels running through different Hi End  equipment including Integra 50.1 with Tara Labs Speaker cables  or a 30year old Sansui Amplifier the sound is excellent 

I am amazed  I have listen to 100K $ loudspeaker systems  at Hi end Audio Shops and Shows  and this speaker is every bit as good if not better

Georg Wolters    Lismore Australia