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Super  High Definition  Speakers



Artisan R880  super high definition   designed  by  Russell Storey



 NEW ,  Artisan Loudspeakers  ™  SHD - (Super High Definition)  Twin 8" Acoustically aligned ,  Floor Standing Ribbon Speaker Kits  using Fountek JP2.0   tweeters
 the  Exclusive Peerless 8" Woofers. These Signature series Ribbon speaker Kits are a no holes barred  top shelf reference speaker , designed  by Russell Storey 

"Exclusive to Stones Sound Studio only  "   

Features : wide frequency range 28Hz to 45Khz , 95 db SPL @1m 1W 2.83V  Efficiency , Minimum 4.3 ohms impedance , Suitable for low powered single ended valve
( tube) Amplifier but will also handle amplifiers   300Watts , 3D imaging and sound stage with incredible dynamic range, fast tight deep bass, mids and top end detail

Artisan R880 Level 2 –Kit   ( NO Cabinet)  Kit  ( includes   ) $3600.00 AUD  +Shipping

Artisan R880 Level 3 –Kit   ( NO Cabinet)  Kit  ( includes   ) $3600.00 AUD  +$1040   Bybee Golden Goddess Speaker Bullets  +   Shipping


Fully built  tested   Crossovers , High end  Silver in oil , Mundorf Mcap and SCR capacitors, Mundorf  MOX resistors , ,all internal wiring ,with Bi Wire Gold   terminal plate. Speaker Drivers and tweeters   fully tested  and  matched  in pairs with the Crossover units on
the LMS 4 Loudspeaker and HP Dynamic Signal Analyser    .The   Woofer  Tweeter  and Crossovers  are individually  measured and matched acoustic  and electronic pairs  so you receive drivers and crossovers labelled  with LEFT & RIGHT   . This attention to detail enables not good but   excellent sound quality and stereo balance without compromise.

Quality Control
 All Speakers & Crossovers are fitted to Artisan R880   test Enclosures and are fully tested with impedance and pulse phase response and listened to with music and mechanically   quality controlled checked before shipping

  This means you receive matching speakers and crossover units

  that  you install in to  your own DIY  speaker enclosures made to my Plans & Acoustic  Specifications  and in 1 ½   hours  Bingo  you have not good but excellent sounding  Full range Super High Definition speakers which will reproduce any kind of music or high end home theatre effect  with fast tight deep transit bass , mid and top end  with high impact dynamics and detail on very low volume and   extremely low distortion at  very

High levels.  Because these speakers are very high efficiency and do not go below 4 ohms impedance they are valve amplifier or low power amplifier friendly load. They will operate on easy on 3watt Set valve amplifier to 300 watt Solid state amplifier.          
The R880 Kit  also includes, 2pcs  Artisan bronze metal speaker badges , Designers Comprehensive   DIY Cad plans drawings, Construction  tip and tricks of the trade ,acoustic damping techniques  , bracing technique  , cabinet  construction ,optimum room location based on  a sketch of your  room size and lay out .Also  full  technical back up  by phone and email  from Russell pre  and post  speaker project  .

“We take pride in our products and offer Life time product back up and support”. 

Artisan ™  R880  Level 2 Speaker & Crossover fully tested  Kit 1pair  $3600  ( DIY ) your own box to Stones CAD plans supplied )    , plus shipping

Ask  Price  Speaker KIT    Level 2  Level 3  ,  plus shipping  .   


Colin's  REVIEW  Artisan ™ R880

Hi Russell

I have listened to some Klipsh RF83's and Sonique Diamond 650's. I have every confidence
that these would blow them away.

These mains are fantastic for music as I have all other speakers turned off as well as my subwoofer because
 it is not needed. When watch HT these are exceptional because they have such good response down low
I can now set my sub to do only the LFE so my whole system performs so much better than now.
I was using some 12inch mains and  " these R 880's are just from another planet.!!!!!

I am also using a Stones Designed subwoofer.  Artisan ™ R1500  Twin 12’’ Peerless Subwoofer   2 x 12inch  
with a Hypex  HS200 Subwoofer amplifier. 
Artisan ™ R1500  PLANS  available with  Artisan ™ R1500 Subwoofer Kit

 I would not hesitate in recommending these monsters to anyone who wants something that no one else has.

As for speaker construction the plans that were supplied they were easy to follow and outlined all the important information
that was crucial to their construction. " Your after sales service is second to none."

The equipment I am using in conjunction with these speakers are as follows.

Yamaha RX-V3900 receiver
Panasonic BD35 Blu-Ray player
Epson TW3000 HD projector.


Centre speaker is a Peerless design done by myself.

Rears speaker are Studio acoustic in wall speakers  model    SA280a

Colin Holmes ,               Brisbane , QLD, Australia


 " Click a picture :  to  ZOOM  view    of  Colin's  Artisan R880  speaker construction.

 Russell Storey